Acupoint Stomach 36 and longevity

A Japanese folk tale from the Edo era (1603-1867) about farmer Manpei tells that when Manpei was asked whether he had any secret to maintaining long life, he answered that he had no secret other than burning moxa on acupoint Stomach 36 every day, just as his ancestors had done. It is recorded that Manpei lived 243 years, his wife, Taku, lived 242 and their son, Mankichi, lived 196 years.

In recent records, it is well known that Doctor Shimetaro Hara used to burn Moxa on his St-36 every day and he lived to be over 100 years of age

Scientific studies cited by Dr. Shui Yin Lo in his book, The Biophysics for Acupuncture and Health; found that normal subjects who received acupuncture on acupoint Stomach 36, increased telomerase levels.

Clinical research now posits that stimulating St-36 increases Maximum Oxygen Uptake. It is known that increased Maximum Oxygen Uptake prevents and improves recovery time from diseases such as hypertension and diabetes. Maximum Oxygen Uptake also decreases the cancer rate. Thus, we may assume that the modern idea of maintaining health by increasing Maximum Oxygen Uptake is based on the same mechanism as our traditional wisdom for attaining longevity by stimulating St 36.

St-36 is located on the network called the Stomach Meridian. Stimulation of St-36 not only enlivens the point but also the entire meridian and stomach organ. According to this classic medical theory, the organ and meridian of the stomach are a part of the foundation of our life energy. Thus, stimulation on St-36 not only affects the leg where St-36 is located, but also affects the health of the whole body.

Preventing illness before it rears its ugly head is the core idea in acupuncture and moxibustion theory. Ancient Chinese physicians observed the early stages of decline in health, which precedes illness proper, also manifests subtle symptoms. They believed it wise to treat illnesses at this stage. This stage is called ‘Mi Bing’ which means ‘before illness.’ 'Mi Bing' is closely related to the idea of longevity and Moxibustion on the acupuncture point St-36

One of the most famous preventative moxa therapies is to do indirect moxibustion on St-36 (Stomach 36 / Zu San Li) a point one hand's width below the patella (knee cap). Zu San Li means 'Foot Three Miles' and increases endurance, digestive power, and stimulates the immune system.